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High quality silk screen metal shirt available in M, L & XL short sleeve only. For those with smaller size, or PLUS size, we still can make arrangements for your demand. Once you confirmed your order(s),only then you will bank in the total amount. Delivery will take about (1) one week from the day you make your payments. All correspondence must be made thru our email & for those in Malaysia, you can make your confirmation thru text SMS. All shirt is RM30 / USD 15 including postage unless otherwise stated. Images shown are from actual printed t-shirt. Secured payments through Paypal is available. Just email us.

T-shirt metal rubber dye silk screen terdapat dalam saiz M, L & XL (lengan pendek sahaja). Bagi yang memerlukan saiz selain dari yang dinyatakan, tempahan anda boleh kami uruskan juga. Pembayaran secara bank-in hanya akan dibuat setelah anda benar-benar pasti tentang tempahan anda. Tempahan anda akan diterima secara pos dalam tempoh (1) satu minggu dari tarikh pembayaran dibuat. Setiap helai berharga Rm30 termasuk kos penghantaran pos. Segala pertanyaan bolehlah dibuat menerusi email kami, manakala untuk membuat pembayaran, anda boleh SMS kepada encik Jan. Design yang dipamerkan adalah dari t-shirt yang telah dicetak.

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2014 anno domini

As for the increase in worldwide shipping rate , our new price per item will be
USD20 (for US, Australia and Asian region)
EURO16 (for Europe and the rest of the continent).

High postage sucks big time, but we try to minimize the damage :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

NAILBOMB "Point Black" shirt

Among the earliest collaboration Max did outside SEPULTURA was NAILBOMB, and it turn quite some head in the metal community at that time. Nailbomb was only supposed to be a side project for Max Cavalera and Alex Newport and consequently they split up after their only live gig at the Dynamo festival in 1995 where the album "Proud to commit..." was recorded.
RM35.00 or USD18.00 worldwide

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